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Asking the Uninvited to Leave

To My True Love, Before we go on our first date, I have a prior engagement that I must make I am involved in a civil case In which resolution must make haste I must put someone on the stand A person who blocks you and me from becoming us It is a part of me that I am beginning to ... Read More


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

To My True Love, You want to give me the stars But I haven’t figured out how they shine. You want to give me the moon But I am not able to let go of my old world. You want to give me love But I don’t know how to receive something… I never gave to myself! ~Signed, Searching for ... Read More


OK sign

The Secret to Lasting Love

What makes a relationship happy and long-lasting? In a word, acceptance. In happy relationships each partner accepts and honors the others' uniqueness rather than criticizing or judging their partner. The happiest couples creatively embrace the differences between them. So why is it ... Read More

First date

7 Questions to Ask Your Date

First dates can be relaxed and enjoyable if you keep them to an hour or less and focus on getting to know the other person without creating expectations about the future.  It's the time to discover your date's key attitudes so you'll know if you are compatible at a deep level, more than the level of ... Read More