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How Do You Back-Up in a New Relationship?

Lots of singles jump into a relationship quickly and have sex before they've really gotten to know someone on a deep emotional level.  Moving too quickly often sabotages a new relationship. If you've started a relationship quickly and need to "back up" so that you can continue laying a good ... Read More


The Five Keys to Loving Relationships

Love is experienced differently by each of us.  As a relationship coach I've noticed five key aspects of successful relationships. Consider how you feel about the following statements. We feel most successful in relationships when we can reciprocally give receive attention, acceptance, ... Read More


Amazing Partners

The Secrets to Being an Amazing Partner in a Relationship

We’ve been misled into thinking that a great relationship starts when we find the right person for us - someone that’s got all the qualities we want and value. We put lots of time and energy into searching for this person. The problem with this line of thinking is that it neglects the fact that ... Read More


Chemistry: Be Smart Before You Lose Your Heart!

Chemistry is one of those difficult-to-pinpoint and hard-to-define linchpins of a relationship. Most people associate chemistry with sexual attraction. It’s the intangible quality that induces us to stay in relationships even when all signs around us point to “Danger!” “‘We have great ... Read More